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This tumblr is just a result of the fact I'm a hoarder of pretty and funny things I find on the internet. In terms of entertainment it is usually Castle, BBC's Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and movies.
And, if you're lucky, there may be original thoughts or photographs.
To millions of movie-goers around the world, Cary Grant will forever epitomize the glamour, and the style, of Hollywood in its golden years.  With his dark hair and even darker eyes, mischievous smile and effortless elegance, he was, is and always will be indelibly one of the great movie stars.  Since his death in 1986, the incandescence of his screen image has not dimmed for a single moment.  In a career spanning four decades, Cary Grant became the man every woman longed for.  As Burt Reynolds once put it, ‘He was touched by the gods.  When he walked into a room you had to look at him.  Men liked him as well as women, and that is incredibly rare.’

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    To millions of movie-goers around the world, Cary Grant will forever epitomize the glamour, and the style, of Hollywood...
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