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I'm a Christ lover, tea drinker, sushi aficionado, indian/thai/chinese/ japanese food eater, humor interjector, video editor, laugher, movie lover, web designer, watercolor dabbler, british comedy enthusiast, doodler, nature appreciator, fantasy/memoir/comic reader, deep conversationalist, dreamer, music jammer, wannabe traveler.
This tumblr is just a result of the fact I'm a hoarder of pretty and funny things I find on the internet. In terms of entertainment it is usually Castle, BBC's Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and movies.
And, if you're lucky, there may be original thoughts or photographs.
Flowers for Miss Giraffe (by ciaee)

Flowers for Miss Giraffe (by ciaee)

Unspoken words, unwritten ideas (by a2star)

Unspoken words, unwritten ideas (by a2star)


Tumblr Artist

Emma Uber | on Tumblr (Australia) - Flowerbed / Weeds. Oil on canvas

The work of Australia based artist Emma Uber is nearly Klimt-esque. Her series of pastel portraits involves beautifully detailed - and mainly feminine - faces that blend into backgrounds filled with thick, vibrant strokes, drips and smears of paint, and bursts of colorful shapes and flowers. Her use of a strong color palette and aggressive strokes, set against the soft features and expressionless faces, sparks an intense curiosity about each of her subjects. (cf. interview on My Modern Metropolis) You can visit her Facebook or follow her Tumblr for more work.

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