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I'm a Christ lover, tea drinker, sushi aficionado, indian/thai/chinese/ japanese food eater, humor interjector, video editor, laugher, movie lover, web designer, watercolor dabbler, british comedy enthusiast, doodler, nature appreciator, fantasy/memoir/comic reader, deep conversationalist, dreamer, music jammer, wannabe traveler.
This tumblr is just a result of the fact I'm a hoarder of pretty and funny things I find on the internet. In terms of entertainment it is usually Castle, BBC's Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and movies.
And, if you're lucky, there may be original thoughts or photographs.

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30 Days of Disney:
Day 12 - Favorite Villain Song

Be Prepared - Lion King

Be prepared for the murkiest scam! Meticulous planning. Tenacity spanning. Decades of denial is simply why I’ll be king undisputed, respected, saluted and seen for the wonder I am! Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared, be prepared!

This song was the reason for my weird little kid crush on Scar.

(Source: hipsterloki, via slaughterhousefive)